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I do not do this very often (not sure why, but I don’t), but I wanted to take the time to blog about work specifically.  In case you have forgotten, I work for this little cool startup (at least we like to think so) called  Here at Mixx, one of the things that we pride ourselves on is our level of engagement with our user community.  In this day and age, you can find countless examples of how companies are engaging their users in new and interesting ways, that they have an open line of communication with their users, blah blah blah and so on and so on.  Yes, we can say all that too, and it is all true.  However, last week I think we took that level of engagement to a whole new level.

Let me set this up by saying that it is not uncommon for us to exchange e-mails with our users, hell we even get phone calls from some (you know who you are) and we even engage in a little tomfoolery with them from time to time.  Several months ago, a group of our users thought it would be a good idea to see who could come up with the funniest picture of me.  Trust me there were plenty, but one in particular took the cake.  I was a good sport and went along with it, knowing full well that after it’s 15 minutes of fame, I would never have to worry about it again.  Boy was I sadly mistaken.  For whatever reason (unbeknownst to me), someone decided to wake the sleeping giant.  This time around, I figured well those that live in glass houses should not cast stones, so I took t upon myself to have a little fun of my own.  In kind, I produced a picture that was equally as funny.  I could not just stop there, so I decided to submit the photo to Mixx and to tweet it out to all of my followers.  Well, needless to say that sparked a little battle and before I know it, the original picture of me was being retweeted all over the Twitterverse, and by some very influential people (social media speaking of course).  It was all in good fun, everyone got a good laugh, no harm no foul.

In running a company, whether it be online or off, engaging your users is critical to your success.  After all, they are ultimately the ones who wind up paying your bills, keeping your company alive and successful.  Finding new ways to engage them and stay connected is sometimes hard, but every once in awhile it happens by shear accident and is a huge success.  Am I advocating that you engage in the sort of  shenanigans that I found myself in (perhaps not if you are the faint of heart type), but there is no rule that says you should not or cannot have a little fun with your users.  We sure do, and it works.

In case you were wondering, here is the original pic of me and the one I retaliated with.  ENJOY!


The headlines of which are in my RSS reader, which are certainly not reflective of the actual newsworthy headlines from today’s “reputable” news sources.  Any who, like I was saying; I have a bunch of random thoughts around some of the things I have read today, so I thought what better way to make sense of them than to get them down on paper (well, not actually paper, but that is how the saying goes right?).

In no particular order or with no known logical rationale, here are my thoughts:

  • From Stuff White People Like – Unpaid internships.  This is something I should have considered while in college (unpaid internship that is), but oh that’s right, I could not go without making money since I was footing the bill myself (sound the violins now, poor me).
  • From TechCrunch – Propeller 2.0 Launches.  First thought was actually who gives a shit, but upon actually reading the article, I found some humor in their new mascot.  Reminded me of the propeller heads from the 50’s (that would be the geeks of the time).  Other than that, eh.
  • From Valleywag – Yang paves the way for ex-AOL CEO Jon Miller to join Yahoo board.  AOL ousts Miller less than two years ago because he was not the future for the company (although he did turn it around and got it on the path of being an ad based business).  Reported yesterday was the fact that their Q2 ad revenue was down to 1% growth.  You reap what you sow.  Looks like Yahoo recognizes him as someone who can make things happen and it seems like they are in desperate need of some help.
  • From Mixx – Husband wins divorce from angry wife in YouTube video. HA HA, I just laughed.  Nothing like airing your dirty laundry for the whole world to see.
  • From /Message (Stowe Boyd’s blog for those of you who were like WTF?) – Google Page Rank Patent Invalidated?  Could this be?  Could the mighty Google be in the wrong?  I thought their slogan (informal of course) was “don’t be evil”……. sounds kinda evil to me (if true of course).
  • From Andrew Hyde – When a dinner is more than a dinner. How come I was not invited?  Oh, I see, because it was in San Fran and I am in DC right now.  OK, I forgive you, but next time I better get an invite 🙂 .
  • From Jessica Mah Meets World – It’s so easy to fake being good at biz dev that even my baby brother can do it.  Hold your horses now.  I am sure your brother is smart and all, but I am willing to bet he would not last 5 minutes on a biz dev call with a major partner.  I mean, lots of things are easy to fake, but if you are faking it, you will be called out on the carpet really quickly.  It is one thing to fake it, it is entirely something different to be good at it, and from my experiences, great biz dev folks are hard to come by (just like great engineers are hard to come by).

OK, enough random thoughts for the day (well at least enough that I am going to include in this post.  My head is constantly filled with random thoughts, but that is a subject for another time my friend).

I cam across this fun little site from a friend of mine and just had to give it a try. The idea is that you create a mosaic from Flickr based on a series of questions. The rule is you have to choose an image from the first page of search results based on your answer to the question(s). So without further ado, I present to you my mosaic (questions and answers are below):

1. i will follow, 2. My Mother’s Lasagna, 3. No Known Restrictions: Public Domain: Centreville, Virginia. Confederate fort on the heights with Quaker guns (LOC), 4. Berlin blues, 5. Gwyneth Paltrow, 6. The Perfect Hefeweizen, 7. Swiss Alps, 8. Lime Cheesecake, 9. New Glarus- Brewmaster, 10. 7 Days:2 My world…, 11. Friendly Donkey!!, 12. kids_4th_July_Beach

Oh, and the questions:

1. What is your first name? Will
2. What is your favorite food? Lasagna
3. What high school did you go to? Centreville
4. What is your favorite color? Blue
5. What celebrity you find attractive? Gwenyth Paltrow
6. Favorite drink? Hefeweizen
7. Dream vacation? Alps
8. Favorite dessert? Cheesecake
9. What you want to be when you grow up? Beermaster
10. What do you love most in life? My Family
11. One Word to describe you. Friendly
12. Your flickr name. kernwill

So I may be new to the phenomenon that is sweeping the web, but I recently got Rick Rolled and thought it was one of the funniest things I have seen in awhile. Now obviously people have gone to great lengths to trick you into clicking on a link that takes you to the Rick Rolled page (if you do not want to be thrown back into the 80s and have to listen to a Rick Astley song, then do not click it), so be leery when someone sends you a Tiny URL or a SNURL and disguises it as something else. Chances are they are up to some tomfoolery and you may be on your way to getting Rick Rolled.

In my office, one of my office mates has become obsessed (sorry, but she has) with one of this years American Idol contestants, Jason Castro. She has gone as far as to download a couple of his songs, but there is one in particular that every time she plays it, it sticks in our heads for hours. No matter how hard we try, we cannot get it out of our heads. She does not even have to play it, she can just start singing the song and it is all over. The song is “What a Day for a Day Dreamer”. Innocent song, actually kind of catchy and he does a nice rendition of it. But to hear it over and over, it starts to play Jedi mind tricks on you, and then you are finished.

Because of her constant (not actually, but it makes for a better story) playing of the song, I thought what better than to come up with Rick Rolled v2.0. So with that, I bring to you:

You just got Castro’lled