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Support systems, sometimes they are very visible and apparent, other times they are behind the scenes.  Whether they are out in the open or are discretely hidden behind something else, their importance is still the same.  Without a solid support system, things are destined to fall over, to fail, to collapse.  Support systems are there for the trying times, when things are being tested to their maximum, stressed beyond belief, support systems hold everything together.

I was reminded this weekend how important my support system was, and got a good view on other’s support systems as well.  See, several months ago, I decided it was high time for me to get back into shape, and what better way to get motivated than to sign up for a half marathon. Well this Sunday was the race, and my family cam out in full force to support me.  Along the race, I passed several onlookers, families who were there to support their loved ones as they ran the race.  They placed signs along the course, held signs as people passed by, yelled words of encouragement to not only their loved ones, but to all the racers.

Trust me, if you have never run a long distance race, there are times when you are questioning why you are out there, why you are putting your body through this pain.  At these moments, hearing words of encouragement from strangers can help lift the spirits, help you take another step forward.  I am thankful for all of the well wishers along the way, but what got me to the finish line was know that my wife and four children were waiting there for me.  They were all excited to see me cross that finish line.  They have supported me over the last several months in my training, and they were there to share with in the excitement with me as I crossed the finish line.  I could not have made it through the training without them, and I definitely could not have crossed the finish line without them being there.  There were moments that I just wanted to call it a day, but the thoughts of my support system kept me going.  Little did they know that by simply being there that they were what was getting me through the race.

I am eternally eternally grateful for being blessed with a wonder wife and family, the best support system a guy could ever ask for.



  1. Congrats, Will! That’s further than I’ve ever run. You’re way ahead of me in training for October’s 10 miler.

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  3. This was a really great read, I am very glad I came across your site.

  4. @Tom,
    Thanks man, I appreciate it! I am doing a couple more races between now and Oct, so I will do the Vigarillas proud!

  5. nicely done, will! support systems are so important. congrats on your finish.

    as a sometime but longtime endurance athlete, something i continually have to remember and apply is the need to be properly rested before an event. this year recovery is my focus and it’s already paying dividends. i used to go out and beat myself to death in training. now, with a kid (and i know you can relate x4) and a job and all sorts of responsibilities, the focus has changed to doing just enough to be ready and then on being adequately recovered so i can compete. it’s such a delicate balance, and one well worth examining.

    way to go.

  6. You certainly raised a good point there.

  7. @iworedettos,
    Thanks, coming from you it means a great deal. I agree, I do need to focus more on doing what I need to be ready, and not focus on doing everything. After this race, I felt as if I may have not done enough, and as a result my recovery time will be a bit longer. I have learned, and for the next race (in June), I will be a bit more prepared, but not over prepared.

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