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Monthly Archives: March 2007

There was a post today in PaidContent that discusses the DoubleClick possible sale and potential synergies with Microsoft. DoubleClick was purchased about a year ago by a private equity firm, but it seems now that they are putting the company on the selling block. So why could this be trouble for AOL? Well, DoubleClick is the ad serving platform that drives an overwhelming majority of the ads served on the AOL Network, and if it falls into the hands of Microsoft, this could be really bad news. This would give Microsoft insider information on the traffic patterns of AOL, which competes directly with MSN for ad dollars.

So what happens, does Microsoft continue on with the discussions and make the outright purchase of DoubleClick? Or does AOL step in and make an offer to pick up DoubleClick? Maybe AOL parts ways with DoubleClick all together and leverage our in-house ad serving platform that we purchased a couple of years ago,

Bridge over troubled water…..


Why is it that we as humans, no matter what the circumstances, always want to tell someone, just one person, what is burning us up inside to keep in? Whether it is a secret that you have been sworn to keep (or they will kill you, figuratively speaking) or maybe someone did something or is wearing something you cannot believe and you want to say something, but you can’t. Why are we predisposed (at least most of us) to keep quite and not say anything, even though we want to so desperately?

For example, a few months ago in this post, I said that there was something that I wanted to share, but I could not at the time. Why? I thought at the time that it may be a little too early to say anything, but hindsight it was not, but I was still afraid to say something. Well, in case you were wondering what it was, it was that my wife is expecting our 4th child (YEAH)!

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Have you ever had this happen to you…. you reach into your pocket to pull out your cell phone and you accidentally mishandle it and it slips out of your hand and falls to the ground? In that split second, you are simultaneously spewing explicative words and hoping that it does not break, only to find out that the later rings true. Bummer, right?

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It dawned on me the other day that there are a whole host of ecosystems that spring up around a particular product and consist of viable companies, all in existence because of another company.
What made me come to this realization is that my wife just recently bought the kids Crocs, kind of for their birthday, but mainly because they did not have any shoes that fit them anymore (I know, shame on us). I am sure you have seen those silly little things that people have on their Crocs, they are called Jibitz, that’s right, Jibitz (my kids love them by the way). The company that manufactures these have built a business off of Crocs and as far as I know, those are the only shoes that they work with. They are cute and trendy, but what would happen to Jibitz if Crocs were no longer seen as cool, could they adapt?
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